Clinical Services


Dance medicine services for dance companies and individual physical therapy services are available by arrangement. These include backstage coverage, ergonomic analyses, pre-participation screening, analysis of intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors, injury prevention, injury triage, evaluation, and rehabilitation, and cross training programs. We specialize in manual therapy for optimal function. For more information please contact:


Shaw Bronner PT, PhD, OCS/347-688-9351/shaw.bronner@gmail.com


Sheyi Ojofeitimi PT, DPT, OCS / 347-687-3846 / sojofeit@gmail.com

Educational Programs and Workshops


We offer workshops and lectures for dance faculty, dancers, and physical therapists. 


Please contact us for further information about classes, tutorials, student projects, and other educational materials.


Shaw Bronner PhD, PT, OCS

Email: shaw.bronner@gmail.com

Hip Hop research: TopRock

Clincial Affiliations


The ADAM Center currently has physical therapy clinical affiliation contracts with 12 physical therapy programs across the country. This fulltime dance medicine affiliation is unique because of its 50% clinical and 50% research requirement. Students are accepted for their last affiliation, following a strong orthopaedic clinical experience. A CV and interview are required. For more information or to set up a new affiliation, please contact:


Sheyi Ojofeitimi PT, DPT, OCS

Clinical Coordinator 


5-min Dance Warmup


Dancers often neglect adequate warm up for all body regions. We can all find 5 minutes before class. Try this.

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